Friday, April 30, 2010

A Resource for Your Research

While at the Salt Lake Family History Library I wanted to locate a book that was off the shelf to be digitized. The FHL Missionary directed me to this site. It was like sending a ten-year-old into the Fun House at Lagoon. I wanted to try every name and names-combination I could think of. (And I am not finished yet!)

But I found that E. Kay Kirkham's book on which the 2009 Family reunion and this blog are based. I inputted E. Kay Kirkham in the author as well as Kirkham in all three search boxes, it came up in all. At first I thought this must the manuscript, but it seems it is the final book- digitized.

This is a resource I am sure I will mention again.

Grandchildren of Joseph anad Tyresha C. Kirkham

These sketches come from published obituaries of three fourthers that I drew out of my files after exchanging a few e-mails with Dawn Hair, of the fifth generation from George and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham.

Dawn's father Joseph Stoddart Kirkham comes first of these in my descendants chart for Joseph and Tryphena. Born April 11, 1912 in Garland, Utah, to Joseph Hyrum and Birdie Maude Stoddart. Like so many of our clan he was musical and civic minded, remembered for his loving service to others. Joseph Stoddart Kirkham had a career with the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, which has had an impact on many lives, but more memorable was his music with the Horst Fidel and Bavarian Band, the Deseret Male Chorus and other groups at public and personal venues. Joseph served as announcer for the Days of '47 committee.

Joseph was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as you will see also was true of his cousins highlighted below, this faithfulness rooted I am sure in the heritage and times of their lives.

Joseph was survived by his wife Doris Stamos Kirkham, who still lives in the Salt Lake Area and their two children Jeffrey Forrest (wife Mari McGregor and two sons) and Dawn (husband Brad Hair and four daughters). At the time of his death his brother and sister Robert Stoddart Kirkham and Venna K Gaddie survived him, but have both since passed away. Two sons from an earlier marriage, Edgar and Stephen Kirkham I have been unable to locate.

Joseph Stoddart Kirkham is buried at Mt Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City.

Ina Webb Richardson, daughter of Tyresha Kirkham and George Jesse Webb. She was the sole daughter, with three older and younger brothers. Ina was born in Lehi December 2, 1908 and was laid to her rest there April 22, 1991. Her husband Arthur Merle Richardson followed her on January 13, 1992.

Ina received her higher education at BYU, USU, George Washington University, and the McCune School of Music and Art in Salt Lake City. From BYU she received B.A. and M.A. degrees. from 1931 to 1946 she taught school in Provo and Salt Lake schools and served students in other ways through her involvement with KSL broadcast programs and panels and organizations devoted to enriching the lives of children through music and the arts. Her efforts here reflect what I hope all Kirkhams claim as our family traits: sharing what blessings we have been granted in talent, skill, time and beliefs.

Ina, like her cousin Joseph was active in the LDS Church through ward and stake music activities as well teaching in Primary, Sunday School and YWMIA. Can it surprise anyone that she taught genealogy classes as well! Ina served her sisters in the Relief Society, co-edited the ward newsletter, served a stake mission and as a Temple Square guide.

Ina and Merle did not have children of their own; it is evident that there was love enough for them to share freely with the children they served. At her death Ina was survived by her brother and sister-in-law Fred and Marie Call Webb and their daughter Alyson.

Ralph Nathan Kirkham, son of Nathan and Clara Smith Kirkham was born in Garland, Utah March 20, 1916. He passed away after a short illness in Salt Lake City on January 9, 1975.

Ralph and his sister Melba were the only children of Nathan and Clara to reach adulthood and have families. Ralph left two sons, Richard Nathan and Roger Leslie Kirkham and at the time of his death 7 grandchildren. Ralph was married to Cora Mary Barkdull October 12, 1938 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Ralph retired from the Internal Revenue Service, Salt Lake Division. He was a member of the Top Hatters dance band of Salt Lake City, evidence again of the impact of music upon a child.

My recollection is that Mary Ann Astington Kirkham was steady in wanting music in her home and these three great-grandchildren shared that legacy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Celebration of Family History

This was the title of the program held tonight at the Conference Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Speakers were Henry B Eyring and David McCullough, whose remarks I was especially touched by even while being unable to cite but one. Musical numbers were presented by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square as well as a number of moving video vignettes of interest to all genealogists and family historians.

I do not recall such an experience recently. What I have come away with is a renewal of my belief- which David McCullough put to words- that if not forgotten, not gone.

Each time we reflect on the lives or activities of ancestors they are present- something I have been aware of as I read a name, or add a bit of data, or find a record previously unknown to me that for that moment that kinsman, relation, ancestor is as near as the chair beside me! OH! That we could speak!

But you and I could speak- can speak. We are here together now. I am delighted to have had such a chance with Dawn Kirkham Hair, daughter of Joseph Stoddard Kirkham (fourther). I have to ask again how she found me, but I came home Monday last, checked my e-mail and here was a note from her. Because we have -at the very least- the Family History Library in common we may be able to sit together and speak, or type n speak: but we have it in our power to do. ( I am at the FHL as I write; I could not wait to get home to make this note!)

As tonight's speakers, and musical and visual messages confirmed, our family's history is not written in the past but in the present. WE are writing it and if we are not then the history is not. What history we have to read today was bequeathed us- what will we leave for tomorrow's relations?

Let's talk sometime. Soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Events, Past Present and Future

Connie Kirkham Nielsen called recently and also sent an electronic note informing of the Lehi area Sons of Utah Pioneers proposal to install plaques commemorating the families of George and Mary Ann Kirkham, and their four sons. A program is scheduled for May 2010. Connie is stirring up enthusiasm and participation from us all and she wants ALL of us enthused. Those who heard her educated and insightful presentations at the 2009 reunion in Lehi will remember her own enthusiasm for Kirkham history. She can be reached: Connie Nielsen 801-768-9624 and for more information. The program in May is a fundraiser for the plaques as well as program to honor the Kirkhams being recognized. Connie especially is thinking there could be a Kirkham Orchestra as in our common history. Do you fiddle around? [Sorry! I have always wanted to ask that of a group, saw my chance.] Musicians and enthusiasts wanted, please get in touch with Connie.

We have had the loss recently of LeLa Christensen Hansen, fourther through George and Mary Russon Kirkham. Her mother was Daisy Bell Kirkham and father Louis Christensen. LeLa passed away in Orem, March 5, 2010, survived by husband Gordon Emil and their four children and families, including 23 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren. LeLa served her community and family through many church callings, especially with Primary and Young Women. Her obituary was carried in the Daily Herald (Utah County). We mindfully remember LeLa's close family in their loss.

I was stopped in a salad bar line recently by visitors to our area for the International Dutch-oven Convention in Farmington, who seeing my name badge from work commented that they had been involved in scouting with- and I jumped the gun to say "Oscar Kirkham". No. This couple remembers Rock Kirkham of the Mission Council of BSA and working locally in the Santa Barbara area of California. Scouting is in our heritage- proudly. That organization has just celebrated 100 years. Rock M Kirkham was son of Oscar, but I should have kept my lips still all the same. In scouting it may well have been about half if not all the Kirkham households! Scouting continues today as a Kirkham contribution to our various communities.

A headline from the Salt Lake Tribune: Writ Restrains Judge in Kirkham Case with the additional 'Stays Hearing Set for Monday in Court at Price' under the date Saturday December 16, 1944. Francis Washington Kirkham appears to have been cited by a judge he had upset with a political tract in an election of that time. I have not had the chance to look for the outcome of this- are there any FWK readers that can inform?

In research recently I came upon the Mountain West Digital Library, and while I did not find my objective information did find Kirkhams well represented. Check it out!