Monday, April 13, 2009

From Six in 1859 to...

In 1859 our Kirkham family consisted of the six pioneers. Generations 1 and 2. George (Wm) Kirkham and Mary Ann Astington would have 55 grandchildren (Gen. 3). The next generation- their great-grand children numbered 91; in my line through grandson James Mercer Kirkham there are now members of generation 8. What is our number now? How many do you know?

For these numbers I am using my PAF file. What that means is that I might not have identified all the descendants so that my numbers may not be exact. Well, who's surprised? I try to realize every time I read a name, or family group sheet in my Kirkham file that this is family. Some have passed before I got to know them, others will. I want you to know that if I have not identified you, I want to. I want to have a record of our family that includes all people sharing this heritage, that reflects the many paths we have taken in building up the legacy of the 1859 Kirkhams.

Do you enjoy a mystery? Puzzle? Challenge? One of Rock M Kirkham's sons told me he was searching for information of Ann Jeatt, George (Wm) Kirkham's mother. Has anyone else found information on this ancester? Mary Ann Astington Kirkham had a sister Eliza on the ship William Tapscott. From her we have Smuin cousins. Any other kin on that ship? How many sets of twins have we had? Who is the oldest living descendant? Do you have a question- or mystery or puzzle- about our family?

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  1. This should be 191 in generation 4- as reported by E Kay Kirkham