Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fourth Generation Through Joseph and Hyrum

I have been reviewing the fourth generation through Joseph and Hyrum Kirkham, the twin brothers of the pioneer family. We cannot deny the hardships of that period.

Childbearing and raising children from birth to adulthood were filled with obstacles and challenges. From these two there were about 36 children born in the fourth generation. One fourth did not survive childhood. Joseph's wife Tyresha Cragun succumbed a month after her last child was born- and died in 1894.

Joseph's eldest grandchildren were Donald Kirkham, born February 8, 1898 and Jesse Webb born March 20 1898. These cousins lived into their eighties with Donal passing away in Sacramento in 1986 and Jesse in 1985 in Utah. I have not located families of either of these Fourthers.

Joseph's youngest grandchild, in my record was Melba Kirkham Laws, born 1922, who passed away in Bountiful in 2007. I met Melba through my parents who square danced with her and her husband Kenneth. I may have danced in a square with her myself! It seems odd to write it but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the cousin I had not known at her funeral, but wish I had gotten to know more while she was with us. I think this is part of my drive for the reunion: that we Kirkham kin are great people to get to know!

Hyrum's eldest grandchild- the Fourther Venola Hansen was born in 1909 and his youngest Rondo Hoglund who passed away in 1996 in Ilwaco, Washington. I was unable to locate children of these for the 2009 reunion but want to add them to my address book if anyone of my readers can let them know. I do not recall that any of Hyrum's descendants were in attendance in September.

I have some queries from earlier posts that I am researching and for which I am grateful to receive. One, about Thomas Isom I will search again, having tried to locate the probate/will that E Kay referred to in his Kirkham history without success.

I have been slow to continue this work, but hope you will find it of value. if you are in the Salt Lake area I have been involved with a family history class that meets at the Family History Library, main floor, Thursdays 7 to 8 pm. It has given me some helpful insight on organizing my research. I invite you to join us.

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