Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We note these losses

Oscar Ned Kirkham and Mark Mercer Kirkham, brothers, sons of Oscar Kirkham and Ida Murdock. Mark passed away in Salt Lake City with obituary appearing in the Deseret News on Sunday March 8. In that obituary I learned of Ned's demise, which occurred in Chico California in January 2015. I need also inform that a nephew, Craig Kirkham, passed away in Hayward California in the fall. Of Oscar's children there remain two daughters and to them we extend deepest sympathy, as well as the many children, nieces and nephews as well as cousins and friends.

Those if you attending the Reunion in 2009 at Lehi will recall Mark as having photographs of the homes in England where our Pioneer grandparents resided, and Craig's sons reported on their efforts to learn more of Ann Jeatt.

I know we have had losses in other lines that I have had reports of, or that I have not. It is the nature of our lives. One family came across the ocean, and then across the prairies   and then over the mountains, to have their descendants scatter again across a country they little knew would exist.

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