Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Advance, Feel The Momentum!

Shortly I will try to get a number. A number of attendees, of addresses, of tables needed, or signs or placards or cups and napkins. Reunions have a very ordinary side to them: things needed. How best to do this part? Shortly I will figure that out and pop the question- questions.
Michael K Jarvis sends this in about the new Mormon History Library:
NE corner of North Temple and Main Street, Open M.T.W. and F. 9am to 5pm; H. 9am to 9pm and St. 9am to 2pm. It has only a small parking lot to the east opening onto N Temple. Larger parking lots within blocks. All public areas are on the main floor ((street level). A 15 min film on the lower level about family and church history. Patrons can pay for and receive copies of Patriarchal Blessings of family members. The library needs volunteer Missionaries to work with the archivists in reviewing manuscripts; writing a brief synopsis of the item for the archivist.
I am going to turn my attention to the earthbound details of the reunion, though I have just been as excited as punch to be meeting new names and dates and events for the genealogy I have been doing in my Kirkham connections. Please watch for that.
But first, one neat event that came to me via Thad and Arlene Kirkham in Utah and Douglas Kirkham in Texas: "Who were the first Missionaries in Trinidad (West Indies Mission)? Elders O. Ned Kirkham, Max Simpkins and Richard Sharp were called home to the States by President Heber J Grant upon news of impending war in 1940..."
They found themselves in Port of Spain, Trinidad when the ship from Cape Town South Africa stopped there in route to New York. The article goes on to report the three missionaries had an opportunity to speak at a local church in that town after identifying themselves as missionaries stopping in that city for only a short time. The article, presented by Richard Sharp points out that the LDS Church Almanac lists the first missionary work in Trinidad commenced in 1977, the first branch 1980 but not the three missionaries of 1940, closing with "and that is the rest of the story..." (Signs of Kirkham Life!) O. Ned Kirkham is a son of Oscar Ammon Kirkham.
And another: Rana Joye Russell Strasser reported learning of the George Kirkham website [ ]through a second cousin and now has word of the Kirkham reunion of 2009. I now have another generation to add to my record.
We advance toward reunion, feel the momentum!

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