Sunday, September 6, 2009

We have made it, but we are not finished: Reunion as a Beginnig

It is Sunday, September 7. In eleven days 150 years ago the Kirkham Family of our heritage arrived in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, welcomed as we heard again by cheering crowds and a flower bedecked calf.
I know there were many who were unable to be in Lehi this weekend. You were thought of- and missed. It was suggested that we do this every year so that we can get everyone. Think on that for a week or so!
Also think about this: I would like to maintain this blog as a running history blog of the
George (William) Kirkham Families. I will do my best to not allow it to become a Ked Kirkham blog; hopefully my skills at blogging will allow me to add visual portions, sidebars etc.
After a few days rest I will come back and look at what commitment I can make, as I believe it will require that. I do not want to let the reunion go just yet; those who were in Lehi on Saturday perhaps are enjoying the same feelings.
I was SO SO very happy to see and meet you. And thank you to those who took the time to jot corrections and additions to my records.

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