Monday, August 31, 2009

Correction to Last Post

I wonder if one should ever trust a blogger who writes after bedtime. My last post is evidence for why not to. Sometime in the early morning my brain told me, "hey! that doesn't fit! If the missionary was O Ned Kirkham it could not be WWI, it has to be WWII."
So, here is the correct information, which I had-but not in my head. go to past posts of June 2009 and read the post titled 'Who were the First Missionaries...' I believe I wrote it down correctly as Jun 28. When I opened it, surely enough it speaks of the year 1940. I don't think I gave that information in last night's post, did I? If you tried to locate the story without it you had a very pleasant trip to the West Indies but gained nothing about Kirkhams. My apologies for the latter.

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  1. My name is Paula Russell Barker, granddaughter of Maude Kirkham, a daughter of George. I live in Farmington, Utah. I hope to be able to attend part of the reunion on Saturday and learn more about my ancestors and relatives.