Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sons of Utah Pioneers Honor Our Kirkhams

Connie Kirkham Nielsen sends updated information on the honor the Lehi SUP is showing the families of George and Mary Ann Kirkham:
"Announcing 2010 Lehi Sons of the Utah Pioneers Annual Fundraiser Event, Monday July 19 at 6:30 p.m. Event will be held at Mellor Hidden Meadows, 877 N. 100 East, Lehi.
"This year we will focus on Mary Ann Astington and George Kirkham, their four sons and all living Kirkham descendants.
  1. We will be placing historical plaques on selected still-standing buildings in historic pioneer Lehi.
  2. The final decision on concepts on the plaques will be determined by the SUP Board.

"Significant contributions to Lehi from the Kirkham history:

  1. Mary Ann Astington had many spiritual experiences in England including dreams, visions, and speaking in tongues; George was told by 18 medical specialists in England that he was on his death bed and would die. Charles W Penrose administered to him and he lived to settle in Lehi.
  2. Mary Ann was blessed with the talent for music, which she said was a gift from God.
  3. All four of the boys were gifted in music. In Lehi the four performed together 4 to 5 times a week, from Tremonton to St George. George played seventeen instruments. For years they provided musical entertainment in the first Recreation Hall in Lehi.
  4. The Kirkhams have always been involved in the media and writing history. George wrote an 800 page journal covering 69 years. He witnessed the stage coach massacre west of Lehi.
  5. George was a master carpenter and his hand work can be seen on dozens of pioneer homes in Lehi.

"This year we will limit the fundraiser to 240 ticket holders. Tickets will cost $20.00 per person. Individual tables will be reserved for ten people, costing $200.00 per table. Reservations will sell fast. Call Carl at 801-768-8665. "

Connie adds that additional donations will be accepted. Contact Connie for more specifics. Her phone is 801-768-9624. She says a lovely meal will be served and as well as the program honoring the Kirkham Family. Our appreciation to Connie for letting us know about this special event.

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