Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We learn of these losses from our number: Dorothy May Kirkham, wife of Mark Mercer Kirkham passed away April 25 in Salt Lake City, they were married in 2002.
Mark has also lost his brother Norman Cree Kirkham, resident of the Seattle Washington area, who passed away 30 April. Norman is survived by wife Brigette, children Michael, Pia, Patrick, Claudia and Christopher. Predeceased by a daughter Vera.
In addition to Mark Mercer, he is also survived by Oscar Ned Kirkham, Jane Bassler and Kathryn Bird. I recall that Mark and Kathryn were in attendance at the 2009 reunion. These are the children of Oscar Ammon and Ida Murdock Kirkham. Three siblings have passed: Carol Jarvis, Grace Burbidge and Rock Murdock Kirkham.
We cannot reflect on these recent losses without sadness, neither can we say good by without gratitude and pride in the impact they have made in our individual and collective lives.

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  1. Just wanted to share our fathers memorial web site FYI. I somehow came across your blog and thought it might interest you. Please feel free to add or just enjoy and pass it on to anyone that might know him. Kindly,Pia M. Kirkham