Thursday, June 14, 2012

Returning To An Idea

I have had the opportunity several times in recent weeks to visit with Aunt Oleve, Oleve Kittinger Kirkham. She is the wife of E Kay Kirkham who compiled the book George (Wm) Kirkham, His Ancestors and Descendents which I used as the foundation for the family reunion of 2009 celebrating the 150 year anneversary of this family's immigration into Utah. I have noted that Kay wrote in his introduction that perhaps subsequent generations would also have their record.

When the reunion was finished I wondered how to utilize the blog, as you can see I  have not kept at it very well. I believe I am willing to try anew to use this as the means of making a record of the next generations. Kay's book gave the stories of three generations and named the fourth. I propose to identify the next three, beginning with the great-grandchildren of George and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham.

The eldest of this generation was Zelda Kate Kirkham, my grandfather's sister; there followed one hundred and ninetytwo others. Many, like Zelda did not have children. Some did not reach adulthood.

To carry a book with all the information I have on each of these Kirkham descendents would be hard labour. I will try to refresh my knowledge as I go along and where I know there is a record accessible I will include that instead of my own notes. I have tried to do that already.

Kay could not have compiled his book alone, and we are indebted to the cousins that provided information. I will not even try! Indeed I have such small personal knowledge of all of us- I have always relied on others: ward clerks, news reporters, census filers and you. Thank goodness for you all!

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