Tuesday, March 10, 2009

150 YEARS: The Kirkham Heritage and Legacy

I hope this reaches all the various families of George (William) and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham. I am excited to venture into this new level of technology to extend my hand in greeting and welcome to a family I have come to greatly admire as I have studied and researched my own roots in our pioneer heritage and its legacy.

The Reunion I have proposed is based on the book compiled by E Kay Kirkham, which introduced me these pioneer grandparents and their four sons James, George, Joseph and Hyrum who came to Utah in September of 1859.

What I tell people, regarding my family history search is that I know who plowed up the sage brush; I want to know who put in the parking lots. Our Kirkhams have done so much more than this glib statement: we have built commerce, educated all ages, supported and defended our country, served our faiths, our communities.

I hope this blog gives us a place and means of sharing our own specific contributions as we approach the reunion Labor Day weekend 2009 in Lehi.

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