Monday, March 16, 2009

I hope I can make this blog space a community project. That is I hope you will take part in the writing of our Kirkham story.

I took for our Kirkham reunion the theme: A Heritage and A Legacy from a presentation at the JMK reunion. In the book JMK, written by his children it is noted that there were many photographs of James Mercer Kirkham, not because of some vanity, but rather because he took part in his community at such a level that the documentation produced this bounty of portraiture. This active life in service to others and community struck me as my heritage from that man, my great-grandfather and I pondered my legacy as his great-grandson.

Some activities that have made the descendants of George (Wm) and Mary Ann Astington Kirkham notable: Church service, Scouting, Political activity, Commerce and Industry, Military service, Journalism and Writing, Civil service.

I am not sure how to classify some of the professions and services we have provided to our many communities. Some have grown up to be cowboys; others to be doctors and lawyers and such as Willy Nelson said it. Tell us about your contributions to the world of 2009!

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