Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Join The Celebration: 1859 to 2009

I am gratified by the offers of help. I think it is time to put some order to the plans.

Janette Kirkham of Lehi has reserved two (2) pavillions for us in Wines Park at Lehi for Saturday September 5, 2009. We have these all day.

I thought a time in Salt Lake City to make use of the Family History Library and see the sites of that part of the city would be meaningful. These being the Church History Museum, Temple Square, Conference Center, DUP Museum, and hopefully the new Mormon History Center if it is open. I have reserved some time at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for some help in accessing genealogy and family history services for those new to that activity.

Judi Kirkham of Riverton Utah has asked about having T-shirts as that is a way she has always felt made reunions last beyond the actual day.

Steve Andrews remembers knowing only the immediate family at an earlier reunion and suggests some advance distribution of historical and biographical information. He also wonders if there is any genetic health issues we have identified among our Kirkhams and suggests we give a service to that concern. (The afore mentioned Janette Kirkham is a Diabetes educator and author of literature on that issue.)

At several family occasions I have seen well produced pictoral histories of Kirkham lines. The Francis Kirkham family comes to mind. Are there other books out there? Could you give a tutorial for others? Al Lemon produced a CD of photographs several years ago. (I hope I have the right Lemon cousin on this!)

Scouting has played an important role in many of our lives. Is there a Scout out there- or scouter that would like to set up a presentation?

I have also thought that a visit to the Lehi Cemetery with some sort of organized activity would be appropriate. I finally asked someone who knows such things if a re-dedication would be appropriate and learned that the dedications of the final resting places should hold even for these 150 years.

I am ready to let this blog out of the bag- and seek your thoughts on any and all of this.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in. Let Tony (son of Joy and Hugh Kirkham)and I know if there is anything we can help with.

    Suzanne Kirkham