Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gathering More of Kirkham History

A few weeks ago I was asked if there were Kirkham histories beyond the ones that I refer to most often: George Wm Kirkham and James Mercer Kirkham, Highlights.
I was making my way homeward from work in Salt Lake today when I thought I would look up other possible histories at the Family History Library. A new book to me, there is one titled "My tale of two new years, or a thumbnail biography" by Alvin Willard Kirkham. Publication date 1970, FHL call # 929.273 A1 no. 308 found on the first floor in the US/Canada family histories. I did not have the time to read it through this trip- but believe I may have to add more names to my third, fourth or fifth generation rolls. I am delighted to do so.
Another, though not about the Kirkhams but a line of Kirkham cousins I have grown to regard highly is "The Life Histories of Karl Alvin Lemon and Bessie Janet Kirkham Lemon: Including information about their ancestors and posterity" Published 2002 by their children. Bessie passed away in 2000. This book is 929.273 L544 and also in the Family History Library main floor. This copy is presently on loan, and not on the shelf. I will continue to look out for others. Won't you let us know if you have one?

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