Thursday, May 14, 2009

UPDATE: We've arrived!

May 13, 1859 the ship William Tapscott arrived at the Port of New York City. The next leg of the trip would be to Florence, Nebraska where the pioneers will supply themselves for the cross country trek.

From the book George (Wm) Kirkham we read:
" One of the remarkable things in the history of the Kirkham family is the emigration of this young father and mother with their four sons... Good fortune was theirs when the uncle Thomas Isom left Mary Ann Astington Kirkham 'a neat sum of money' to permit them to emigrate to Zion in Utah.
" To travel several thousand miles by ship, train and wagon with a family of four sons ages seven, five and twins age three was really a remarkable undertaking on the part of this young couple...The sum of money...permitted them to make the voyage without want or a lack of necessities upon arrival in the valley of the Great Salt lake."

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  1. Do you know anything more about Thomas Isom? That would be really great to share that information if you had any. Thanks! Alex Isom