Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recording A Family Story

A recent opening of boxes- as some of you have done- revealed pictures such as this. This is James Mercer Kirkham's, and his wife Kate Woodhouse' family on the porch of their home in Salt Lake City. I believe my grandfather James Arno Kirkham must be the photographer.  I want to say it is fall, but it may be spring as well. James Mercer is holding a toddler at the back of the group while Kate is partially obscured left of him. In the same box were individual family photographs- including one of JAK's from this gathering, which I will use  as I introduce the articles I have proposed.

My family moved a lot as I grew up and we did not have many of the archival type of photographs. For this reason pictures might not be included frequently.  We did have an annual Christmas picture made. A document in itself for family history: who, where, when etc. I will use them as appropriate (I hope).

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