Friday, June 12, 2009

The March of Time

One hundred fifty years ago our pioneer ancestors were upon the plains. I am guessing at the location, though I would enjoy figuring it out- seeing the campsites, gauging the mileage from the last.
I understand that the common immigrant wagon box measured approximately 10.5 feet by 3.5 feet on the floor. I believe each family was allowed only 1,000 pounds weight. My sources on this were a couple of Family History Library missionaries recently. I was glad for their help. Did I mention that there is a wagon replica at the Church Museum? Dare I take a measure tape? 1,000 pounds foodstuff and living needs for three months- and more, as they surely were informed that there were no 'convenience' stores either along the way or in Utah.

Time also marches on in the Kirkham family of 2009. I learned this morning of the passing of Hyrum Lhomond Jones. My figuring is that he was the oldest of generation five- the first of George and Mary Ann's great-great grandchildren.

Time also comes that I need input and help with the reunion! Even as I write this I wonder if I have chased help away. I am inclined to ponder, when it would serve us all for me to say "Yes! Let's do that!" If I give the impression that I want you all to come to Utah just for me- well, that is not the whole story! I hope this idea is one that will reflect the pride I have in the Kirkham name, the Kirkham family - those whom I did not meet, and those I have, and that the reunion will stir such feelings in you.

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