Friday, June 5, 2009

These Are Our People

I am looking again at E Kay's book; pondering the threads that link me to the Kirkhams of the past. Perhaps you will recognize these kin by the descriptions:
'I remember very well the booming voice of Uncle ***. It resounded like a great bass viol. He was kind and gentle to us kids that visited him as youngsters. '
'The little Kirkham house in lower Lehi was always tidy, with flowers in the summertime'
'*** Kirkham, known and admired by hundreds of young and old in every section of [the]county succumbed in his home... had a varied and active career in church, civic and vocational life... musical talent that enabled him to play the violin as a young man... resulted in his early participation in dance orchestras and community bands... and many young people learned to play instruments under his direction who still play professionally... was an invaluable as well as faithful member of the Lions Club... interested in community beautification he served as president of the Flower Club.'
'Wherever she resided she entered into the life of the community and church... was a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and held various offices. She was a booster of community concerts.'
'He had a great love for people and music, served as announcer for the Days of 47 Committee.'
'Our worthy townsman was laid to rest Sunday. Mr P. reports that he never saw such loyalty, cooperation and tribute paid by a community...***'s sudden and untimely death left his little family with loving memories... and a heritage of which they are justly proud.'

I have borrowed- and probably violated copyright- from several sketches in and out of Kay's book. These reminded me of the uncles and aunts I have known, some still with us. At cousin parties (of my dad's) that I joined after moving to Utah I saw the same qualities. While I did not get the music gene, I can recall to mind the "Twins" harmonizing Springtime in the Rockies at the very same Lehi park where I hope you will join us September 5, 2009.

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