Monday, June 22, 2009

Reunions, Kirkhams and Others

Before I go any further let me open a door to my psyche. Don't worry, I won't won't let it shut behind you! Almost as soon as I told you I figured Lhomond Jones was the first great great- grandchild I had this insistent feeling to verify- and to this end I found verification of my error.
Presently it looks like Gorman Winget was the first to be born in the 5th generation on Jul 29, 1918. Gorman was a son of Dona Alta Crabb, daughter of Eliza Kirkham. Eliza was daughter to George and Mary Russon Kirkham.

I have tried to find a representative household from each fourth generation line to direct information about the reunion. This led me to search Canada for those northern kin. A result of this was coming upon the obituary in the Calgary Herald of Ethel LaRosa Tollestrup Kirkham who passed away May 9, 2009 at the age of 99. She was the widow of Joseph Gray Kirkham, and passed away at the Raymond, Alberta hospital.

I have now several addresses I hope will reach Canadian Kirkhams. There are also more local families I hope I have gotten at least one member the information to, but cannot be sure, really until they respond- or show up. Both will be great!

About my title today. I think reunions have multiple purposes. They reconnect people who may have lost touch or never had been in touch with each other. Do you remember Uncle Alvah Fitzgerald and his real toy car? Or was it a toy real car. We haven't had that broad a reunion since then- have we? There- two purposes: reconnect and fun. Come make fun. How would you do it? Something I wanted to do- and still may is have a display of "Signs of Kirkham Life" where we could show off what we do or have done. Real Estate signs, shop signs, newspaper articles, etc. At one point I thought I would call it "Signs of Intelligent Kirkham Life" but felt that was redundant. Come make fun, bring fun to share. Teach some fun: purpose three. Education should be part of a reunion. The next generation learns their name from the last; can you recite your five generation pedigree? 4 Gen? 6?

I am sure you have your own reasons to attend reunions. Tell us about them. If reunions are important to you I believe you are important to this one. And that you are important to me- kin.

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