Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For the Kirkhams of 1859, one month out.

A cousin recently wrote and pointed out that the Kirkhams did not factually arrive in Lehi until 1860. This is true: they wintered in the area of Sugarhouse, on the east bench of the Great Salt Lake City. (Was this the place of the snake eyes shining between the adobe, does anyone recall off the top your head?) I selected this year- 2009- as significant to their arriving to what was to be their Zion, their refuge in the valleys of the mountains. I have a 60 page descendant list of George (Wm) Kirkham families, so we could do it again next year to give more people a chance to come!

This is a time I wish I could just open up an account and learn where the Kirkhams were, on the trail. That may be possible with the Mormon History Library: that is, each immigrant company had someone keeping track of such things and I believe that this new library was to serve the purpose of making them available. I have not asked them yet. After we here in the inter-mountain region received 3-plus inches of snow last week (o.k., it was pretty high up but it was still August!) I wondered, would Londoners be prepared for that? Would weary travelers? This was the Independent Company, captained by Robert Neslen. The William Tapscott company was composed of English, Danish and Swiss saints, many of whom continued together in the wagon company and were not a group unfamiliar with snow.

Last Monday evening I was in the neighborhood of the North Visitors Center on Temple Square and thought I would catch a screening of Legacy, the film reflecting the trials of the early LDS membership and their movement west. After it was introduced by two sister missionaries, one from Nigeria and the other El Salvador I watched the nearly 1 hour film with the theater to myself. A touching recounting of that saga.

On Thursday I stopped by the conference center to confirm our tour of that building, but unable to do so (Thursday evening the Tabernacle Choir rehearses for their Sunday performance with the Spoken Word broadcast) I did learn that everyone is welcome to attend the Spoken Word broadcast, but must be in their seats by 9:15 AM Sunday. If you are traveling a great distance to the reunion this may give you an activity to enjoy on Sunday before the bustle of travel.

For the Kirkhams of 2009, it is less than 3 weeks out. I think: I should try to fix everything that seems out of kilter. And then I think: it will be what it will be: new faces to meet, new memories to create, a legacy to continue and new generations to appreciate their heritage. Our heritage.

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  1. The correct- official name of the new library is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints CHURCH HISTORY LIBRARY. I have tried to maintain preferred usage, please forgive any offense.