Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Kirkhams of 2009 ...One week- no, less

Things have begun to hop around here. Some related to the reunion, others related to Kirkhams generally.

Please take some time to visit This is the web-site for Brigham Young High School, which I believed was ancient history, but is not. One Larry Christensen made contact with one of us and through that was able to represent Francis Washington Kirkham in a nicely done biography. Go to Biographies on the left hand side of the BY High homepage, it is an alphabetical index, and scroll down to the "K"s.

Douglas Kirkham, of Texas sent in a website for the West Indies mission: that tells of a group of missionaries returning from South Africa because the shipping lanes were closing due to WWI and stopping in the West Indies.

Connie Nielson called tonight and reminds you all to bring folding lawn chairs and umbrellas (for Sun, not rain) Connie will present on our heritage in the early Kirkhams- the band, the homes and other items.

Rock J Kirkham has researched Ann Jeatt and will give a report on that effort.

I hope that the 'stuff' I am working on this week will be sufficient, but I do promise that afterwards I will use this space to report back for those of us at great distances who needed to forgo this activity.

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