Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fretting in Advance

I picked up a copy of National Geographic, vol.145 no.4 of April 1974- clear last century! What caught my attention was the article The England of Charles Dickens. I am not suggesting you read Charles Dickens prior to the reunion- but if you have any of the author's writings near to hand you can see the England the Kirkhams were leaving. I am aware that Dickens drew from the extremes of English society- and I do not know where the Kirkhams would have been found in any of his works, but the English cities, conflicts and concerns were there outside the Kirkhams' windows just as they were outside Dickens'.

Having given cousin Connie Kirkham Nielson a completely new name in my last post of the volunteer needs I have also become aware that I have dragged some of our fair cities across county lines in my records, added or dropped letters, and invented geography. Who knows what will be next! All this to say that there will be a line- a long line perhaps- to correct Ked's records. so bring the records you have and we'll share, compare and update. Connie (and Glen), I am sorry for my error. Usually I can claim it is my typing, but not this one. It was the wrong name.

Connie recently gave Mike Jarvis and his wife a tour of Lehi/Kirkham sites. Mike told me it was extensive, meaningful and a pleasure to have that time with Connie, who is knowledgeable of both topics: Lehi and Kirkhams. I appreciate her asking if she could give a report at the reunion and I believe you will come away with good information and insight.

If it has been difficult to respond to this blog; please feel free to address any questions, comments and information to To make a comment, I believe that if you click on the link "comment" it will open the dialogue box. I appreciate the support you all have given me here.

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