Saturday, August 8, 2009

What can you do at the reunion?

I do not want you to worry about coming to the reunion and just enjoying the day. That is a very good reason to come. I do not want you to feel you don't know enough about the Kirkham family history to take part; that is a very good reason to come as well. And I really do not want you to worry that you won't know anyone there or that no one will know you. I know you! I know when and where you were born, who your parents are and just where to find you in my Kirkham File. For the others, well we'll give you a name tag and soon they will know you too. (If you doubt that I know you so well, then come prove me wrong- and that also is a very good reason to come!)
[Corrections to my information are: a. important, b. helpful and c. welcomed.]

What will you learn about the Kirkhams? Some of what we think about ourselves. And maybe some of what others think of us. Like this note from James Smuin:
" Fine morning, went to Kirkham's to get a news paper to read, and then I went to the adobe yard and I was talking to George Kirkham about a hive he made for me and did not finish. He wanted the money and was not willing to finish his work. I did not feel like paying him seeing that he did not finish his work." James writes this in his 1873 diary.

I do not find a resolution to the disagreement between these kinsmen. Was this the Kirkham & Sons store? Where was the adobe yard? Which George made bee hives? Is this the same George that gave opening prayer at Meeting the following Sunday? James Smuin and George Kirkham continued to live in the community of Lehi and have dealings: church, social, familial. James gives an account of the divorce between his sister-in-law Mary Ann and (George) William Kirkham.

What can you do at the reunion?
I hope we have entertainment in the Kirkham tradition:
Music- as in Kirkham Brothers Band
Singing-as in every Kirkham get together I have ever been to
Poetry and verse
Kirkham is a name in genealogy-
Show us what you have done in words, pictures, stories
Report on a project you are working on
Bring your children and teach them some Pioneer fun. Heck! Teach us all some pioneer fun!
Report on family Heritage:
James/Martha Mercer and Emma Wootton families
George/ Mary and Sarah Russon families - Connie K. Nielsen has stepped up for these
Joseph / Tyresha Cragun families
Hyrum/ Lizzie Ann Wanlass families
Report on family Legacy: Families that E Kay Kirkham ended his book with- the 4th generation
Are you familiar with Lehi? help the rest of us find our way around
Can you come early or stay late? Yeah, you're ahead of me there...
I have asked an Eagle Scout candidate if he could lead a Colors Presentation; willing, he is expecting to have surgery on the 1st- can anyone else step in there? (Scouting is another Kirkham hallmark)

The greatest thing you can do is come- come share yourself. Do you need floor space to sleep? Would you accept lawn space? Is there an obstacle others of us can help you over? You are family and we want you there!

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